Beauty is found in everything. It is found in the moment wind brushes past or when the sun glimmers against our hair. My job is to capture these moments during a photo session. I always tell my clients that you may not realize I have clicked the camera, so enjoy the moment.

With lifestyle photography, very few of my photographs are "staged". While I do try to get classic portraits of a family or person, making people feel relaxed and able to breathe during a session is my goal. So many times, I have clients say they don't like how they look in photos or they hate smiling at the camera --- that's perfect! Together, I will encourage and give prompts that help avoid the "smile at the camera" cheesy smile and instead, produce photographs that you will treasure. Paying attention to the details is a huge passion of mine and I want my photographs to capture those details for you to remember. 

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from $450 (+tax)

(up to 6 people)  
40+ edited images

PERFECT FOR A growing family

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from $350 (+tax)

30 minutes of photography
(up to 2 people)
20 + edited images
curated outfit selection
premium location to match style

PERFECT FOR A happy couple

the portrait package


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First things first! Send me a message so we can connect via quick 5-10 minute phone call. I truly believe that hearing someone's voice leads to greater connection and gives a clear understanding of what to expect during a photo session. Once we determine your photography needs, we will schedule a session and a consultation to fully plan out the details for our photography session together. 

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When booking your session, I will offer a variety of packages and time frame options that we can tailor to best suit your needs. Once we book the session date, I will send over my contract for you to sign. Upon signing, we will schedule our phone consultation. I believe clients that have a hand in planning their session feel more satisfied with their photographs.

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During our planning appointment, we will determine outfits, a list of images you would love to have, and the over all style and feel of the photographs. We will discuss the location and best time of day to take the portraits. If you have a special location in your home you would love to curate a gallery, we can discuss those ideas during this appointment as well so we capture images that meet fit those spaces. My goal is to give you portraits that make you proud to have displayed and gift to family and friends.

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Now that our planning is done and it is time to photograph, you can relax, enjoy our time together and feel confident that the images will be exquisite and capture this beautiful life. We may move around during the session, walk/talk/laugh -- I may give fun prompts too. I promise there will be moments you do not realize I photograph, but will be pleasantly surprised when viewing your proof gallery.

time to photograph!

Generally, I will send out proof galleries within one week. Once you have received your gallery of proofs, we will go over your favorite images. Once we have narrowed down those photographs, we will begin to design the printed products previously discussed in our planning session. I will walk you through every step and ensure complete satisfaction so your portraits become treasured art pieces.

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"Want beautiful and whimsical photos? Abbie is your girl. I was so worried out session would be a bust since our family had a lot happening that day. When I got our photos back, they were amazing. She captured the most perfect moments and shots amid the chaos. Super excited to book with her again!


"Abbie is someone we instantly felt like we'd known for years. She has a gift for making everyone, including busy children, feel comfortable, Our sessions feel comfortable, fun and the photos are exquisite. Without fail, she captures lovely candid moments that show the emotion and love in our family.

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