With a deep rooted passion for capturing beauty, my love of photography began in college using images to document children's play and how their learning environments impacted their lives. Learning the impact that design has on our lives and understanding that the details ARE the design, propelled me into interior design photography.  After a few years of designing my own home, client interior projects and a magazine feature, I realized that my photography could help other designers and brands grow their businesses and help attract their ideal clients!  With each photoshoot, I work in tandem with my clients to carefully craft photographs that elevate their portfolio and brand presence. The BEST images invite people into a scene so they linger and want to learn more about the photograph, design, and who created it.
She would describe her photographic style as bespoke, curated, timeless, bright, and authentic.
Abigail is based in the suburbs of Raleigh with her husband Jon, boxer dog (Max). Hobbies include writing about their home  (The Gray Cottage), gardening, Jeep cruising, and spending time with friends. Her perfect day is quiet, simple and filled with a cozy night by the fire and delicious charcuterie plate.

 interior & brand photographer

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We are a boxer dog family. Our first was Bronx, and now we have Max. He makes regular appearances on The Gray Cottage's Instagram stories. The boxer breed is considered the clowns of dog world. We won't argue this fact. Max keeps us laughing and brightens every day in our home. Boxers are very high-energy dogs, but the most love-able couch potatoes. They are ready to "G.O." at a moments notice, but will sit next to you on the sofa and watch TV. If they have plenty of time and space outside to burn off the zoomies, they make one of the best family pets in the world!

I love boxers

Dutch Floral art stole my heart years ago and it has remained at the top of my favorites ever since! Even better than moody floral art is real life moody floral arrangements! I love the contrast between the lights and darks of the flowers and greens. The combination of texture and scent is pure bliss. When there is a dark background to a floral arrangement, I feel that the flowers become more vibrant and detail more noticeable.

obsessed with dark moody florals

Crumbly, melting, smooth, hard, stinky, sweet -- you name the cheese, I will try it. Some of my favorites include:  Roquefort blue cheese, Humboldt Fog, and Supreme Brie.

I love fancy cheese

Probably to my husband's dismay. Kidding -- most of the them turn out amazing --- so long as I follow the recipe.  We are total foodies so we love trying out new food and cocktails. Sometimes I will share favorite recipes on the blog. When we have guests over, menu planning is one of our favorite aspects of hosting so we test recipes ahead of time to see what works well together! My go to recipes tend to be easy and not overly complicated, but full of flavor! This is a picture of my famous "Zesty Lemon Blueberry Crumble Muffins."

i love trying new recipes...